The infamous Bono once said (and probably wise men and women before him): ‘We don’t know what is it so it must be art‘. We, humble creatures we are at the Kiemkamer, won’t call the things we make ‘art’, but some of our creations surely are things that keep you guessing on what exactly they are and so we decided to title this page (and the URL to it) art.

And on this page you’ll find some of our – wether or not exhibited – art projects.

One of the ‘Man as Vermin’ art objects is a giant mousetrap.


Man as Vermin
Humans are, in the correct sense of the word, a pest. A very successful species that is a treath to other living beings. This is why we came up with the ‘Man as Vermin’ theme which resulted in a Kiemkamer-made collection of 6,5  artistic objects. The collection is exhibited on festivals and the like. Note that we’re not into woke-ness and awareness, just in putting a smile on ones face.

If you are interested in plugging ‘Man as Vermin’ on your event (in The Netherlands) feel free to drop a line:



The Plant Movement
A plant is a green object in a pot that silently stands somewhere in a space. On the first day you notice it, but after a while you no longer do. This is why we came up with the art project The Plant Movement (TPM). The core: we create movement in and with plants, mimicking a natural forest and by doing so, bringing the outside in.

TPM is a series of experiments based on design thinking and ideation. All experiments revolve around the same goal. We try to give inner spaces – like offices and pantries – a more natural, nourishing energy by using plant movement in a multi-sensory experience.

One of the prototypes we are working on is the living curtain. We use leaves instead of woven fabric to control the day and night rhythm – and privacy. We use pulleys, ropes and rails for this. See a photo of a hanging plant curtain below. In the same family, we work on Grow’inDoors, movable doors based on living plants.

In another subproject we create social interaction between plants. Plants that form groups, chat, grab me-time and sleep. As soon as a plant moves, it (he or she?) gets personality, you immediately want to give it a name. In this project we combine nature with IoT technology, we control living plants with Arduino microcontrollers.

If you’re interested in using one of our green concepts in a building, feel free to drop a line ( In our studio in Utrecht you can see and experience the projects ‘live’.


Our first prototype of the Growing Curtain ideation

A black heron is a beautiful bird that stretches its wings to create shade and catch fish. We’re working on the Dreiger (thanks for the name, Si), a word that combines the Dutch words reiger (heron) and dreigend (manacingly). A metal bird that spreads its wings to an impressive 10-foot wingspan. De Dreiger will be placed in a ditch in Utrecht City. Through this remarkable object, we (again) draw the attention of passers-by to the wonder of nature.

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