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De Kiemkamer Foundation is a breeding nest. Every project starts as a small seed that, with the right nutrition and care, can germinate into something beautiful. We never know in advance what that ‘beauty’ is. We do not steer the outcomes, but facilitate organic growth.

If and when possible, we exploit the entrepreneurial talent. We give young, inquisitive people the chance to develop themselves and their enterprise. We provide a safe setting, coaching and access to all machines and tooling needed to make prototypes and products.

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Personal growth is not a bed of roses. Learning goes by trial and error. We therefore ensure an open culture within our foundation, where a safe setting allows honest, and sometimes firm, feedback. In this way we keep each other sharp and our projects successful. ‘Fail fast, learn quickly’ is our motto. It’s not about a shorter time-to-market but all about a shorter time-to-learn.

Investors’ infinitely deep pockets can turn startups into stuffed ducks. We believe in the power of sustainable growth. The best solutions come from a combination of scarcity, focus, attentiveness and above all sufficient time to learn, also from your ‘failure’. So experiment, together with the end-user of the solution, in a repetitive cycle of creating, testing, interpreting and adjusting. Dead ends are abandoned to make way for more promising ideas.

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Our projects are not just trials. Our mission is to make the world a little bit more beautiful, more fun and healthier. We therefore choose the most promising innovations and turn those into startups in collaboration with young entrepreneurs.

We are a for-profit foundation. Only we do not measure this profit in money, but in wonder, in pride, in a smile. After sowing, growing, pruning and flowering comes the harvest. Every project – edible or not – is concluded with a harvest feast, exhibition or festival. Life is too beautiful not to enjoy it.

The Kiemkamer Foundation mainly works analog, but is a fan of the ‘open source’ mindset. We do not hide knowledge and expertise, but are happy to share it to promote innovation. We actively contribute to the transfer of knowledge by providing hands-on workshops.

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