Studio De Kiemkamer is a playground for Green & Growth. An inspiring workspace where serendipity gets a chance. 

Our studio can be found in the center of our beautiful little country. Our home base is a fully equipped workplace to innovate, create products and make miracles happen. A playful and at the same time professional meeting place where people from different disciplines form teams to work on green & growing innovations.

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Our focus for the coming period is to cool (and at the same time beautify) the city with the use of greenery and growth. Our patio will be transformed into a colorful collection of innovations. From fungal facades to mobile trees, from mushroom pots to a growing sunshade. If you are active as an entrepreneur in the outdoor area, come and have a look.


In the world of sustainable innovation, unfortunately, there is a lot of talking too. Precious time is wasted on meetings and reporting. Trying, looking, learning and adjusting is central to our studio, with only a simple set of rules.

All content on this site is free op copyrights, because progress asks for a culture of sharing.