De Kiemkamer Foundation is a testing ground for a GREEN, SUSTAINABLE AND CIRCULAR WORLD.

We are a innovation hub in the center of our beautiful little country. Our home base is a fully equipped workplace to craft art, create products and make wonders happen. A playful and at the same time professional meeting place where people from different disciplines form teams to work on sustainable innovations.

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In the world of innovation, too, there is a lot of talk. A lot of time is spent on meetings and reporting. Trying, looking, learning and adjusting is central to the Germination Room, without too many rules or endless consultation.


In Juli ’22 we’ve moved from the Oudenoord to our new accommodation at Nijverheidsweg 18 in Utrecht. In our new lab we can experiment and create art without boundaries. What remains is that we work from a beginner’s mind and thus create a breeding ground for accidental discoveries.

All content on this site is free op copyrights, because progress asks for a culture of sharing.