‘Manure for your green endeavour’


Challenges in the outdoor spaceĀ 
Are you working on making cities greener and/or cooler and do you need help coming up, development and testing of the right solutions? Let’s have a coffee and see how we can participate in the ideation process.


The Kiemkamer is happy to help startups in the world of Green & Growth to become successful (faster). In other words: we are both an incubator and an accelerator. We fertilize – but rather not use artificial fertilizer – by:

  • An open conversation (the coffee is ready!), brainstorming, thinking along and similar
  • Providing ideation workshops to develop or improve a product
  • Prototyping and testing of your product concepts
  • Connect you with relevant parties in our network
  • Organizing exhibitions, networking drinks and celebrating successes
  • Providing a professional mentorship (see below)


In addition to being an artist in De Kiemkamer, Gerjon is a mentor to several startups and scale-ups. He focuses on companies that make the world more sustainable, restorative and regenerative. His focus is on green, growth and the energy transition.

As an experienced entrepreneur, Gerjon is familiar with all the challenges of startups. For example, he helps with the Why of a company (using storytelling), the What (product development with Design Thinking) and the How (business development, sales and marketing, team building, Lean, Agile, Scrum, Self-management and more). He also has a large network (among others entrepreneurs, governments and investors).

You can also contact him directly through his Linkedin profile.

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